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Why travel with us?

We are a family company based in San Cristobal Island with more than 10 years of experience in the tourism market, offering high quality, personalized services and daily excursions on our boat L / P VALERIA. Our operation is characterized by the principles of Leave Not Trace, Slow Tourism and the management of good tourism and environmental practices.



A fantastic experience and a different way of touring the Galapagos, in addition to keeping in touch with nature, you will be able to share, learn, and take part in the way of life of the local Galapagueño culture.

Daily excursions always contain exciting discoveries. Each site is a different experience, it contains unique flora and fauna. Participate in diving or snorkeling activities, kayaking, paddle boarding, beach visits, bird watching and hiking.

Can’t find the perfect trip for you? Contact us to build a program to your liking. Choose the destinations, activities and category of your trip, so that it suits you and your needs.

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